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Throne Of Souls
Hello,My name is throne of Souls and I just sign up to day. There's not much for me to say about myself so I'll keep it brief. I'm an aspiring comic book artist. I enjoy:drawing,writing,a wide range of music,amine &manga.There's also comedy,thriller and action movies. I like to watch TV shows such as the daily with Jon Steward,the Colbert report,Real time with bill Maher, The Simpsons,American Dad. As well as watching The Boondocks and going on the internet. I also,enjoy reading about psychological disorders in the DSM. There's also watching historical documentaries and viewing the science channel,as well as learning more about neurological conditions like Autism. Since as a person with Asperger Syndrome (among other things that I have to deal with.) I find it no only in formative but also interesting. I'm a rather introverted person who likes peace and quite and being by myself though I don't mind interacting with others once I feel comfortable around them.

Profile Link: http://www.HentaiArtists.org/ThroneOfSouls

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