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Full Name: Shaheen Jilani

Nickname: Sega Shaheen Govani

Race: Nationality American

Music Artists: DJ Killah

D.O.B.: 8/31/1986

Location: Orlando, FL

Likes: drawings, Sega games, cats, internet, hentai stuff

Hates: blackouts, thunderstorms, boring like noises is bad, screaming deaths, flying insects, muddy grasses, my sister have drawing too much human yaois/shemales/herms and all yiffy content without drawing her human straight/babes/yuri that people are ripping her off, cause she's autistic.

TV Shows: Sonic X (clean version in English dub), Happy Tree Friends

My pet: Esmarelda The Cat

My sister: ZJ Govani


Profile Link: http://www.HentaiArtists.org/SegaShaheen

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