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Captain Cummission
Greetings and salutations. I am Captain Cummission, at your cervix, and I'm a NSFW Illustrator! I love everything about it. It's a terrific pastime for those who are artistically gifted and open minded. I have done a lot of request and commission work in the past, and this is the place I'm going to post it all.
I do in fact do commission work, and would be more than happy to discuss pricing and ideas. If you are interested, send an email to: captain_cummission@live.com

Commissions: Open
Art Trades: Open
Collabs: Open
Requests: Limited

Captain Cummission

Profile Link: http://www.HentaiArtists.org/CaptainCummission

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  • Rosselito
    Rosselito: thanks for nominating my gallery my friend !! :)
    9/14/2015 5:39 AM

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